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    %0 Conference Proceedings
    %A Almeida, André
    %A Vergez, Christophe
    %A Caussé, René
    %A Rodet, Xavier
    %T Experimental research on double reed physical properties and its application to sound synthesis
    %D 2003
    %B Stockholm Musical Acoustics Conference
    %C Stockholm
    %F Almeida03a
    %K double reed
    %K geometry
    %K aerodynamics
    %X Physical modeling of musical instruments is usually based on simplified assumptions about the behavior of the instrument, so that only the essential information necessary to correctly describe the sound produced by the instrument is kept. Such models are able to describe the sound of single-reed instruments, for example. A simplified reed model is in fact quite generic and its assumptions can also be applied to double-reed instruments. Such a simple model, however, was proven not to be sufficient, and a double-reed model must include a more complete description of the physics of the reed. This article presents some of the experimental work being done on double-reed instruments. Measurements such as geometric characterization of the reed aim to allow consolidation of hypothesis previously tested in physical models. The determination of the non-linear characteristic is a key-point in the description of the reed behavior.
    %1 6
    %2 3

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