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    %0 Conference Proceedings
    %A Lartillot, Olivier
    %T Integrating Pattern-Matching into an Analogy-Oriented Pattern Discovery Framework.
    %D 2002
    %B ISMIR: 3rd International Conference on Music Information Retrieval
    %C Paris
    %P 269-270
    %F Lartillot02d
    %K pattern matching
    %K analogy
    %K pattern discovery
    %K music information retrieval
    %K MIR
    %K APT
    %K automated music analysis.
    %X We claim that the core mechanism of a sufficiently general Musical Information Retrieval (MIR) system should be expressed in symbolic terms. We defend the idea that music database should be pre-analyzed before being scanned for MIR queries. We suggest a new vision of automated pattern analysis that generalizes the multiple viewpoint approach by adding a new paradigm based on analogy and temporal approach of musical scores. Through a chronological scanning of the score, analogies are inferred between local relationships - namely, notes and intervals - and global structures - namely, patterns - whose paradigms are stored inside an abstract pattern tree (APT). Basic mechanisms for inference of new patterns are described. The same pattern-matching algorithm used for pattern discovery during pre-analysis of musical works is reused during MIR applications. Such an elastic vision of music enables a generalized understanding of its plastic expression. This project, in an early stage, introduces a broader paradigm of automated music analysis.
    %1 6
    %2 3

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