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    %0 Conference Proceedings
    %A Rodet, Xavier
    %A Lefèvre, Adrien
    %T Macintosh Graphical Interface and Improvements to Generalized Diphone Control and Synthesis
    %D 1996
    %B ICMC: International Computer Music Conference
    %C Hong Kong
    %V 1
    %P 336-338
    %F Rodet96a
    %K synthesis
    %K control
    %K interface
    %K graphic
    %K macintosh
    %K diphone
    %X Generalized Diphone control is a powerful means of building a musical phrase from dictionaries of sound units by concatenating and articulating them. Musical phrases can be built from any sound units (not only instrumental sounds but any recorded or synthetic sounds) stored in the form of time varying control parameters of any synthesis method such as additive synthesis, source-filter synthesis or physical model. A new musical sentence is obtained by the concatenation of parameters from the sequence of diphones also called segments, representing the sentence. We present version 1.1 of the Diphone software and its graphical user interface for Apple Macintosh, which bring new improvements and possibilities both from the conceptual and the implementation point of view. Diphone constitutes a very flexible and inspiring tool for composition and synthesis, which musicians are now using at IRCAM for music production.
    %1 7
    %2 3

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